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Best Kissing Tutorial for Dummies | How to Kiss A Girl for First Time

Kissing Tutorial | How to kiss A Girl for First Time:
So you want to kiss this gorgeous girl — but you’re not sure if she’s interested, or you don’t know how to smoothly go in for a kiss? Kissing can seem as intimidating as rocket science, but there are some things you can do to up your odds of an amazing kiss. Start watching this Kissing Tutorial to find out what you can do to kiss a girl like a pro.

Setting the Mood
1. Get her alone.
2. Set the Mood.
3. Keep the conversation focused on her.
4. Pay her an enchanting compliment.

Going for a kiss
1. Be spontaneous.
2. Test the waters.
3. Hold her hand.
4. Put your arm around her shoulders.
5. Go in for a hug.
6. Look for signs that she’s interested.
7. Break the kiss barrier.
8. Make eye contact.
9. Lean in slowly and pause for a second.
10. Keep your kisses light and soft.
11. Know where to put your hands.
12. Try French kissing after she is accepting regular, long kisses.
13. Take a breather, but do it in a romantic way.
14. Leave off with a nice touch.

• Be courageous. She’s possibly as nervous as you, so some of her signals may indicate that she’s closing herself up (like arm folding and looking away) but it could be nerves.
• Some girls don’t mind being gently pushed against a wall or piece of furniture. If you think she’d like that, try it!
• Some schools don’t allow public signs of affection. Geeky as it sounds, check the rules before going in for her first kiss. If a kiss gets the girl in trouble, she may not be very happy with you.
• If you have a big jacket and it’s cold outside, you can wrap your jacket around her and maybe hold her waist if you feel confident.
• After breaking the kiss for a breather, lean your forehead gently against hers and give her a compliment, saying something like “You’re so beautiful” or “You’re amazing.”
• Use your hands, but don’t let them wander all over her body. This crosses the line from “sensual” to “creepy” if this is the first time kissing.
• If it’s cold outside, that is a great opportunity because then you have an excuse to hold her close to you. While you are holding her, be face to face with her and talk to her while your faces are close to each other.
• Don’t try to go in for a French kiss too quickly; sometimes this can startle a girl and make her feel pressured, or she could be a girl who is not comfortable with your tongue in her mouth.
• If she pulls away or wants to stop, do not go for more until later. Take a hint. Recognize that you don’t (or no longer) have consent, and be sure to take no for an answer.
• Don’t go on a date and try to kiss 10 minutes in, it will make her feel pressured.
• Tilt your head slightly so your noses won’t touch. This might help you avoid an awkward situation!
• Make sure your lips are not chapped. No one likes to feel sandpaper on their mouth!
• Don’t automatically kiss her. Give her time.
• Be confident; don’t be afraid to kiss her, but on your first kiss, you might not want to do a French kiss.
• Make sure you are on your own or in a private place when you go in for the kiss, privacy is super important!
• Don’t kiss a girl if you have eaten food that may cause bad breath, like garlic or chilled foods.
• Before you kiss, you must ensure your breath is fresh. It is optional, but a mint would work.
• When kissing don’t breathe to rapidly or she might not breathe which makes the kissing stop.
• Don’t kiss her on the first day. Give it some time so that she’ll get used to being around you.
• If she says no, or that she isn’t interested, avoid taking this as a personal affront.

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