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Best Kissing Scene Korea Drama #2

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Best Kissing Scene Korea Drama #2
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  1. what 1 dоrams?

  2. what's the name of the chinese drama ?

  3. ♥‿♥

  4. Wikanda Geawjumrus

    What's the first title?

  5. 1:20 what drama?? :O

  6. Rosemary Ramirez

    What show is at 1:23

  7. #Anime-тянка

    00:20…What is it?

  8. kissing scene in library was from which drama?? plz tell me

  9. Angelic_Songbird

    name of drama @ 1:00 where she said "no violence"

  10. title pls 0.00

  11. what show was the first scene from btw i loved this video 😍👌🏼

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