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  1. love Amy and Ty!!!!

  2. Full on Lovatic

    11:18 best one

  3. Full on Lovatic

    8:23 what is that movie called and 11:53

  4. what is the movie 2:37

  5. Rhiannon Holden


  6. Rhiannon Holden

    8:44??? what film

  7. what movie was the third kiss from?

  8. Clarissa Schaeffer


  9. 8:56 song?

  10. anne-sophie baudry

    c quoi le nom du dernier film

  11. Not all of these are movies …

  12. Kate Malthouse

    Whats the one at 2:49 and 5:40?

  13. What movie is 5:45 ?

  14. around 8:00min I don't know what the hell is happening are they trying to dance while taking their clothes off

  15. Rosalinda Hernandez

    Is that girls named Tatianna…the one of who kissed the man who was asleep? she looks like this girl who was in a Michael Jackson video

  16. Julie CHARLANES

    1) Paige et Edward Le prince et moi
    2) ) Andie et Ben Comment se faire larguer en 10 leçons
    3) Elizabeth et David Et si c'était vrai
    4) Marisa et Chris Coup de foudre à Manhattan
    5) Lalita et Darcy Coup de foudre à Bollywood
    6) Sally et Harry Quand Harry rencontre Sally
    7) Sophie et Charlie Lettres à Juliette
    8) Anna et William Coup de foudre à Notting Hill
    9 ) Julie et Marc Jamais le premier soir
    10 ) Kat et Patrick Bianca et Cameron 10 bonnes raisons de te larguer

  17. What film is it at 7.48

  18. Sometimes I Wonder

    10:15 is Charmed

  19. Gabriela Ramirez

    whats the movie at 10:15

  20. Aram asatryanl erger

  21. What's the movie with the dancing Asian lady?

  22. what is the second couple…..around 1:15?

  23. What is the movie with the big dance sequence called?

  24. I hated that Jenny and Nate ever had something, but that kiss was like the best

  25. What is the first movie?

  26. What's the movie at 5:55?

  27. what is it at 8:00

  28. what's the movie at 2:50?

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