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Best kisses/romantic moments (part 1)

These are my favourite kisses and moments from my movie collection.

Sorry about some of the audio issues.

I own nothing. No copyright was intended.

In order:
10 Things I Hate About You
27 Dresses
A Cinderella Story
A Walk To Remember
A Warrior’s Heart
The Adjustment Bureau
The Amazing Spider-Man
The Back-Up Plan
Beautiful Creatures
Beauty and the Beast
Bend it Like Beckham

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  1. Erin Donnellon-Berling

    Ok, you had me at hello with some but, I'm way confused how scenes from Armageddon & Battleship are even on a list of romantic endings. There's still like an hour or more left in those movies, Armageddon's actual wedding ending would be the chosen scene & Battleship's actual ending wouldn't be on the list but replaced with maybe Love, Actually or Titanic or Officer & a Gentleman etc.

  2. What are all the movie names?

  3. at 11:44, this movie is called Bombi and this is so cute!??

  4. what is that movie at 3:23?

  5. sheilyna mojica liriiano

    A walk to Remember!! My favorite Movie -_-

  6. Did anyone know whats the Movie at 8:39 is?

  7. Does anyone know the name of the movie at 11:43?

  8. Brooke Zimmerman

    good one

  9. from which movie is the second clip?

  10. what movie was the last clip from?

  11. What film is it at 13:08?

  12. What was the first couple?

  13. what is the movie on 08:41?

  14. Tereza Kohoutova

    Did anyone know what's the movie at 7:51?




    name of film in 07:02

  17. what is the movie at 13:07 ???please someone tell me

  18. Name of film in 12:05?

  19. The ending was so loud lol

  20. whats the one for 7:33

  21. What are the name of the movies of the fifth and sixth kisses please?

  22. movie at 6:35?

  23. Hi what's the movie at 12:27?

  24. What is the movie at 9:43?

  25. ummh… what's the name of the movie 12:44?

  26. Léa de La Ville Montbazon

    what is 07.55 please ?

  27. Sometimes I Wonder

    Nandha Rahmasari, the film at 04:00 is A Cinderella Story

  28. loved adjustment bureau

  29. what's 9:31

  30. Sreten Stanojevic

    What's the name of the film on 02:00,second film?

  31. Hi, what film is it at 5:10?

  32. What's the film after A Walk To Remember?

  33. Kelly-Anne Lefever

    What's the name of the film for the first kiss? xx

  34. ALSO WHAT IS 14:31

  35. i still can't find something more amazing than Castle kiss with Beckett. can';t and never will 

  36. Karlijn Van Der Putten

    Uit welke film is de tweede scene?

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