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Best kiss scene collection of Korean drama in 2017

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  1. 9:52 phim gì vậy ah

  2. HEY, friendzzz…
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  3. but where was seo in guk and jo jung suk? how can there be a kiss compilation without them?

  4. What drama is 15:29???

  5. nice…

  6. Whats the name of the drama? 1:44

  7. The first one was yuck the girl fell and was like ah and the boy just when in for the kiss😘😘😘 yucky

  8. These are really shitty kisses why do you call it the best , the women just stand there like a statue

  9. 2:51????????????????????

  10. 7:33 là phim j z!??

  11. Okay i hate jazz so much and this song is killing me

  12. When you wish you have a boyfriend,, I cri;;

  13. 7:16 ? i swear i’ve seen her somewhere. does anyone know what that os

  14. 14: 53 – Can you tell me the name of this drama plese

  15. 3: o4 – Gap Dong
    4 :35 – feat to love you.
    5:16. – The Master's sun.

  16. Squishy Yoongi & Fluffy CHimCHim

    Which drama Is it at 9:45?

  17. My eyes are blessed af

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  19. What the name of drama that

  20. My Amazing Boyfriend is Taiwanese not Korean….but MAN‼️ Those Kiss Scenes were so 🔥HOT🔥‼️

  21. 언제.여성하구요키스를.해보나요

  22. 언제.여성하구요키스를.해보나요

  23. Алена Бондарь

    04;45 please ?

  24. Cho xin hết tên fim ik

  25. 2.58dizinin ismini yazarmısın

  26. change the music

  27. My pussy wet love sex go►► sexlovexxxsexkis.blogspot.com 💋💋💋💋

  28. It's kinda sad that most of the kiss scenes shown on KBS are like really awkward. I prefer when the girl actually does something too rather than just stand there, lightly holding the guy's waist and barely moving her lips.

  29. 언제.여성하구요키스를.해보나요

  30. 14:56 drama??

  31. This music is the most annoying ever. WTF? I couldn't finish the video. Srry.

  32. Endah Setyaningrum

    adegannya romantis

  33. Edinalva Pereira De Souza

    O toque da musica estragou o video 😂😂😂

  34. Phim ở phút 12:49 là phim gì vậy các bạn ♡♡♡♡

  35. السلام ورحمة

  36. Yu kiss

  37. mấy cái bộ phim trên đó tên ji z

  38. Needa get me a Korean boy 😍😍😩

  39. 12:54 what it name??

  40. zyz ozozizozg

  41. 0:58 is the best one in my opinion

  42. You mute it😂.

  43. 언제.여성하구요키스를.해보나요

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