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  1. It's Just Alexandra

    I love this

  2. -Kwabena Yeboah-

    When they kissed, I died! I love this show so much! I can't believe the writers took him out!

  3. I love

  4. Jonnor trash

  5. Cheyenne Johnson

    Im watching this at 3 am and crying

  6. what the Fuck😮😮 they are so young😥 for this fucking mouvie

  7. Im crying rn and now theres tears in my ears

  8. Heloísa Sabino de Carvalho

    eles tem a mesma idade?

  9. i`m straight and yet i tell you they are SUPER CUTE!!!

  10. what is the name of the song that plays when there changing scenes

  11. So inspirational

  12. Soo cool. Can you tell me the name of the song in the beginning?! Thank you very much! ♡

  13. The first thing I noticed was that the boy had nail polish, because it was my favorite color 😂

  14. The "I'm super gay for you" line is my favorite.

  15. Tumbling Turtle

    I hate how their plot wasn't even that big! Whenever they had a scene together it lasted like 3 minutes

  16. Tumbling Turtle

    I'm dead!! why did they take my jonnor away!! Season 4 has Noah and Jude but jonnor is soooo much better! couldn't Connor come back and tell Jude he still loves him and then BOOM jonnor is back!!! Somebody needs to hire me as the writer of this show so I can bring jonnor back!!! Lol

  17. Early Joshler?

  18. I really appreciate Jude's effort aas well as cannor. 😍💪 They're meant to be. and they deserve each other.

  19. this is an awesome movie. I was inspired dahil pinapatunayan lamang nila na mahal nila ang bawat isa. well it's good and very cool

  20. Im trying TO like JUDE AND NOAH BUT Jonnor was the best couple EVER

  21. My heart hurts literally

  22. Amegigi P.H.A.T


  23. what's the song called

  24. Marcos Rodrigues

    Eles são lindos juntos <3

  25. major feels

  26. Poor guys. Please come back together.

  27. cuddlingteddybears

    ayyyeeee Joey Graceffa

  28. Isabela Garrido

    #jonnor forever <3

  29. These videos Are terrible

    I fell in love with my best friend too

  30. I like to go back and watch this cuz it's my favorite thing in the whole world. Makes me wish I could have this. Love this sooooo much 😭😭😭😭

  31. Cool dude Mortlock

    kill me now what am I watching

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