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  1. lmfao

  2. best friends touch penis for first time. make it happen xD

  3. Awkward but good video keep up the good work!👍

  4. Kaitlyn Serratos

    I have been friends with my best friend for 8 years😂

  5. fakee. they are not best friends if they havent already touched each others boobs0

  6. 1:46 is why you're here

  7. Why was this necessary

  8. I like your boobs 👠💋💄👍🏻😱

  9. be afraid and run from Mr oneil

    1:56 same girrl

  10. i touched my own boobs

  11. GamerDIYs-Gaming

    Wtf is disssssss

  12. Noah nigga

  13. Frankie and Tiaa 😍😍

  14. Brandi Strassburg

    if my friends and I did this, we would have just grabbed each other's chests the whole time while staring at the camera. it's fairly normal in my group of female friends to grab each other's breasts. not sure why, but we're all very comfortable with it

  15. Sonny/Sunny(AMBER)!!!!!!

  16. I do this with my Bestfriend all the time in a playing matter 😊

  17. OK ……. wtf

  18. I don't know anymore

  19. Why did i watch this ? I fell very very small. Please hold

  20. Tru Smiles Jones

    I just put up the vlog of that day on my channel. You guys probably won't see this comment but I thought I'd let u guys know just in case lol

  21. I touched the boobs of my bff when i was 14 at the first time and after that I touched them so offent as accident and not she doesn't even react to it anymore.

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