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Best Friends Kiss For the First Time!

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  1. The guy with the curly hair wanted to kiss her so badly! He clearly likes her more than just a friend you can tell by the way he grabbed her.

  2. man my best friend she won't be my girlfriend cause she is with a lieing boyfriend and she doesn't like me all I wanna do is kiss her at least one time

  3. The guy with the curly brown hair friends with the short girl omg I SHIP THEM ITS SO CUTE HES SO CUTE OOOMMMGGGG

  4. Chloe loves septiplier

    I kissed my bestie and she was a girl nothing rong with that I was fine

  5. Did anyone else think this was going to be buzzfeed😂

  6. How are the gay guys only best friends?

  7. "it was moist" 😂😂💀💀💀

  8. nah dude fuck this

  9. Me and my friend have been friends for 11 years

  10. Listen how she gonna do my nigga like that her ugly ass I hate her but shout out to you Death

  11. All these bitches with 3 year friendships

    Ive known my best friend for 13 years, still counting

  12. RIP friendship 🙂 or those people that signed up for this just really want to get out off that friend zone

  13. ????????i wish i could kiss my best friend?????????

  14. id chop off my own ball and eat it raw before kissing my friend ..

  15. Queeny Thompkins

    the curly haired guy was hot as fuck and that chubby ugly ass bitch had the nerve to be so fucking rude….

  16. Charliey Baltimore

    the dude with the curly hair and glasses was more comfortable kissing a guy then his best friend lol


  18. bestfriend zoned curly guy

  19. Bitch you see me everyday!! LMAAOOOOO

  20. I got to the weird part of the internet again…

  21. "You want to do it again?" 😂

  22. buzzfeed much? ahaha great job

  23. Bri The Crybaby Fren

    I've kissed my best friend before… a few hours ago… have I fucked up ;-;

  24. My friend was my first kiss and it was cool because he's straight and I'm bisexual. He creeped me out at first, but afterwards it was cool. 😎😆.

  25. That dude with curly hair you can tell he is been waiting this 😂😂friendzoned

  26. Is anybody else feeling the romantic/sexual tension between the curly head guy and the thick girl…Lord jesus

  27. "don't kiss your friend" then "kiss your friend" I'm so confused XD

  28. "If you like it, do it again" words to live by. Put it on a coffee mug.

  29. Can Dan and Phil do this?

  30. I'm a dude…

    My best friend's a dude…

    Nope, nope, nope, nope…

  31. good thing my crush is my best friend

  32. i wanna black gay besttttt friendddd

  33. that was kinda gay 😣😝

  34. Bolita De Estambre

    "6~7month" Best friends.. Sure

  35. The guy at 0:10 is cute

  36. It's so awkward how this channel stages everything. Standing in front of a white screen being revealed like fucking candy bars in a sweet shop window

  37. This is disgusting and I'm a straight dude. I'll defiantly smash my close female friend if she wanted to but not kiss. Kissing is too intimate.

  38. I look like the white version of the curly hair dude… 😕

  39. This would not be weird to me

  40. Cringe

  41. If that girl still doesn't want that cute, curly haired boy to be her boyfriend, I'd be glad to fill in….

  42. omg i want someone to kiss me like the curly hair guy did

  43. When you just get out the friend zone

  44. This is how this started.

    Curly Hair: Hey Bria I need help Im in the friend zone can you make a vid based on friends kiss each other please and we can just blame it on the fans.
    Bria: Ye I gotchu
    Call Ends
    Curly Hair Guys: Im bout to get some tnight Perv Face

  45. the friendzone was present


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