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  1. Idk about u but my best friend is a boy

  2. Brianna Figueroa

    Your gey

  3. I wanna see What happened after

  4. first off why would u put this on YouTube

  5. I think they becam lebsians after this

  6. I mean it's not that weird😐😐😐😐

  7. they are cute

  8. pathetic little girls

  9. Make more videos of kissing

  10. Jeannelle J Cesar

    Best friends that fell in love Duh! There's nun wrong

  11. that's cats like wtf guys

  12. fuck hot.. I want kiss this chics

  13. I know damn well these girls weren't just "best friends"

  14. Lesbian couples exist.

  15. ha gayyyyyyyy

  16. Kirk Tyler Cooper

    Best Friends? 😂😂😂

  17. your so lesbien

  18. wtf

  19. lesbians

  20. I guys need lots of help

  21. They think they're hot… Lol

  22. Best friends……. yep

  23. have sex without looking at us for a week on a daily video

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