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  1. These two NEED to be together in real life!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awww I luv these two SOOO much!!!!!

  2. Emmett is so smooth and sexy

  3. This was the first episode I saw and the first scene of the video also did behold even I have to say that I found a surprise lol

  4. Such a cute couple!!

  5. the last part was like the cutest thing ever

  6. Emmett SLEPT with Simone, I'm pretty sure he already hurt Bay pretty badly.

  7. I agree with sammiidancer222 ty is so annoying he hurt bay this week emmett would never do that

  8. I miss emmet and bay… I hate ty…

  9. It gets bad 👇

  10. Just started watching switched and now reading all these comments I know wut happens urrrrrrgggghhh so mad should have known it was a total spoiler alert

  11. They're so stinking cute!!! If only all guys had the mentality and heart that he has as the Emmett role!!

  12. Алина Калинина

    It is my Favorite video

  13. Lmao my favorite part!! Emmett: "Are you done?" Bay: "Am I finish? Yes I'm finish" Emmett:(Kiss) Me: I love it!!

  14. She just wants more, I will do the same gosh Sean Berdy is so hot

  15. Gilmoregirlsadict123

    Umbrellas, by Nikki Kummerow

  16. I love it when he says you finished and then goes and kisses her!!!!!! Love him!!!

  17. @1BubblesPPG Same

  18. true but other then that it would be so cool

  19. Yeah. Except for the whole cheating part… lol.

  20. true that but if i had someone like him i would love it

  21. No. Not everyone would appreciate it.

  22. dont everyone ???

  23. Awwwwww. So cute.

  24. whats the song when bay trys to be mad at emmett?

  25. can someone please tell me what song is playing in the beginning of this video ?

  26. cant believe emmett cheated on bay, they are perfect for each other and they went threw so much

  27. *****SPOILER********

    I am so mad that he hooked up with Simone. I mean Bay and Emmett are perfect for each other. I mean, I thought she was good with Ty but no… THEY HAVE TO GET BACK TOGETHER!!!!! I am honesty so mad! 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  28. i cant belive he cheated on bay i yeled at the tv and when he cheat on bay i was mad

  29. He's so beautiful *_*

  30. Cried, yelled, screamed, almost passed out? All of the above!

  31. Am I the only one who dislikes daphne? He waited for her for 8 years and then when emmett finally moved on she goes and decides that "he's the one for her" she wants what she can't have.. Ugh I hate her.

  32. they don't kiss anymore because they are like married now, pass the honeymoon stage LOL. Why did Emmett have to go and cheat on Bay who put their relationship on the line, for his safety and protection, and he couldn't see that, and slept with Simone, then has the audacity to say to Bay "I don't want to lose you" in the preview for the next episode. The guilt is eating him alive, and Bay is not gonna take his crap. He will be girlfriend-less, sad and lonely, but they do belong together.

  33. Why don't they kiss anymore?????

  34. @Andrea9752 I just yelled at him (not very loud though cause my mom is home :-D)

  35. Anybody else CRY when he CHEATED on BAY with SIMONE :'(

  36. @TheJayslover1 I don't have television so I haven't seen the latest episodes, haha.

  37. bay and Emmet should end up together!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. What episode is this?

  39. Wooooow they look so cute together!!!! xD

  40. I messed up my heart oops

  41. I -3 Sean berdy

  42. that actress playing bay is lucky as hell I'd do anything to kiss sean berdy

  43. He looks like a good kisser xD

  44. You know these are in the wrong order right?

  45. I love Emmett and bay they are a great couple and it's natural to have questions on ASL is a beautiful language

  46. haha 1:53 he better kiss rly well with all that practice at the kissing booth in Sandlot 2 🙂

  47. I love emmett<33 ^^

  48. @sirengirl15 how do you know?

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