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  1. Rebecca Burkholder

    The song is Mirrors by Justin Timberlake

  2. Marvens Saint Louis

    name of the music

  3. Who was the girl on the last one xD I'm rewatching the episodes I don't quite remember :c

  4. you should do a update video


  6. What episode was felicity and Barry?

  7. Drilly Frosty Unknown

    I like how u guys are like Barry gets a lot of kisses u should watch Arrow Oliver is a god damm player

  8. Some one please tell me which episodes are the ones with Barry and Felicity?

  9. It it just me or do katlen and berry flirt like a lot

  10. Kiss , Barry , KISS !

  11. I loved the Patty kiss the best, personally because she's the hottest one and I'd love to be in that situation with her😍😂

  12. who was he kissing at the second part

  13. Why thes flash kiss this biches

  14. Season 1-2 there was 5 girls kissed imagine the rest of the seasons😂😂😂😂

  15. IT feels kinda wrong for this

  16. What is this song called! dang!

  17. 😍😍😭😭

  18. Emmanuel Marin Muñoz

    cómo se llaman las canciones

  19. Caitlin kissed the clone touch guy not Barry

  20. que episodio esse que o barry beija a felicity

  21. Caitlin actually responded to Barry kiss in the second time,,She has soft spots for Barry dor sure and they looks much better together than Iris-barry

  22. I HATE CRAPPY PATTY only iris and barry should date!!!!

  23. At 1:47 that wasn't Barry it was the one morphing villain

  24. Barry got all tha hoes in that city

  25. am i the one who hate iris 😡

  26. Aleksandr Aleksandr


  27. Whatever they say and even if it was not the real Barry, Snowbarry is the best ❤

  28. Just remember arrow fans
    Barry kissed Felicity first

  29. I love this song

  30. Lol when he kissed Caitlin she looked so freaked out

  31. he is a slutter XD

  32. Harrison Wells

    be like

    kiss Barry kiss so then I will steal your ability of being a player and being the girl magnet😎😎😎😎

  33. That wasnt barry it was everyman he took barrys form

  34. When Barry kiss Catlin it wasn't barry

  35. Perfectly Imperfect

    Damn Sebastian.

  36. dn dn dnnnnnnn

  37. ik wil ook in die film speelen of dat het echt word😊😮😃😨

  38. I like Barry and Felicity

  39. I think that Barry and caitlin

  40. edited by power director

  41. he is a man whore

  42. justin(timberlake):.."once i fingered an owl"

  43. Can someone tell me what episodes these kisses were all in

  44. Who was the second girl

  45. Patty 🔥😍

  46. Means barry is a hot man who kiss girls he wants

  47. Archangel Unturned

    And holy crap Barry is a Friggin player.

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