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ASMR Roleplay: I’ll teach you how to cuddle [Boyfriend roleplay] [Your first time] [First kiss]

Come here, sweetheart… let me teach you something.

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Written by Marcus
Recorded by CardlinAudio
Graphic design by L.
Cardlin drawn by:
Bebarts! https://twitter.com/dladlad

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  1. Cardlin: Baaaaaabyy
    Me:*happy squeak!*

  2. oh god this is so cheesy

  3. Please tell me im not the only one who heard a little accent when he said 'big and strong' *squeal*!!!!!!!

  4. Cardlin: You know what I love more than chocolate? You.
    stares back in black confusion
    Me:But I am chocolate.

  5. Nilza Leme Trevezanuto


  6. Omg when he asked "why do your lips taste like candy?" I stopped I'm eating a lollipop

  7. I thought that was another boy on that pic there. Almost losed my shit.


    Who you callin' innocent?

  9. Cardlin: (talks) GIGGLES (talks) GIGGLES (talks) GIGGLES gaaaaaahhhhh so cute

  10. the art needs work but the asmr is great


  12. Cardlin: do you want to be the big spoon or the little spoon?
    Me: the little spo-
    Cardlin: you know what I'll be the little spoon
    Me: O_O

  13. This is something my boyfriend would do, because im new to relationship shit.

  14. I heard up and then got triggered and cried

  15. Omg I just started listening to you, you are awesome

  16. [sketcher] [sketch]

    "Well they can't just kill that sweet little lady so early in the movie she was so nice!"
    Thats called horror movies for a reason.

  17. I was just imagining myself with my crush for part of this😂😂😂

  18. 0:02 .. Me: What the fuck did i just hear

  19. 12/10, the Purest, would recommend! 👌👌👌

  20. so loud x5 im sorry neighbors XD this is so cute, you'll be fine i know it

  21. He said baby and i melted

  22. When you want you bf to be this way ;^;

  23. Cardlin: " Hair in your face "
    Me: " Well duh.. I'm pretty much have the hair of an "emo" person … "

  24. My pet rabbit died today after being with me for 1 year and 5 months… This helped me.. Thank you…

  25. Ummm….can you do an audio in Filipino? I mean if you can't its fine😅(suggestion lang po wag kayo magalit😅)

  26. the statue jin kissed in blood sweat and tears

    Wait whats going on in that art pic?

  27. LPSCoffeeBean13 Dean

    I had a bad day so this really helped thank you so much cardlin!

  28. I spent more then 20 minutes trying to figure out what the art is and I still cannot figure it out!😬

  29. C: "You're getting pretty good at this cuddling thing."
    Me: "Well, I learned from the best."

  30. Cardlin literally 1 milisecond of the vid: BAAAABY

  31. You love them after only 3 weeks? Lol

  32. why am i watching these i'm gay

  33. Need more pls ❤️❤️

  34. Lil Monster #Soutar

    Up was sad like he'll at the start

  35. I think you would be good doing a Heathers role play with you being Jason Dean!

  36. Oh God I just felt a little warm feeling at the bottom of my tummy when the kissing started…

    My God I'm so single😢

  37. I'm eating ice cream while I'm watching LIKE : – Uh God I'm so single-

  38. sooo i figure out why lip balm comes with various flavor

  39. Emo Queen Of Bands

    Why do I want to cry and squeal every time I listen to these?!

  40. I was very confused with the episode art, but then realized that it was indeed a girl so. I'm blind 🙂

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