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  1. jerika for life

  2. 1:47 are they having sex

  3. wait,we are jake paulers

  4. Mrspickett3@yahoo.com

    When ever you guys kiss on cheek you have Fishey lips it's so adorable

  5. Tessa said at 0:15 stop looking at my phone chance she got s little mad

  6. Where is 1:36 clip from?? It's so cute

  7. Logang Jake pauler answer me Instragram

  8. Marco Antonio Gómez


  9. hey best whatever I watched all of them

  10. look up jer ricka and sub my cuz

  11. sub me if u think jerika is a good couple and their gonna have kids

  12. i was first comment

  13. babies are coming soon!!!!!!

  14. get a musiclly

  15. aye

  16. Jerika❤❤❤

  17. This is cringy

  18. 😂😂😂

  19. 1st like and 1st comment

  20. omg wow

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