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Alek and Chloe – Kiss & Top 10 Best Moments (No Music)

Here are my Top 10 favorite scenes of Alek and Chloe. Agree with the order? Not agree? Let me know 🙂
Sooner or later I will upload a few other Alek & Chloe-Videos. Let´s hope the writers don´t screw it and bring them together (who cares about Brian?), so we can see a lot more intense scenes between them.
Beside our dedication to Alek and Chloe, don´t forget to be nice to animals, they deserve be treated well. Become vegetarian and make the world a better place.
All Rights belong to ABC Family.

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  1. aquí haciéndome spoiler💔

  2. I loved this show so much, I wish they didn't cancel it

  3. What show

  4. I watched this before buying the book, and recently just finished the first out of three and am on to the second. They changed so so much. The only aspects that I can think of is that yes Alyec (in the book) and Chloe do get very close, Amy and Paul do date…Brian is significant in her life but in a different fashion (at least in the first book).

  5. Phyllis Landry

    what episode is number 9


  7. emily yarbrough

    wow. I used to like this show until reading the book. 🙁 they changed too much about this book series in my opinion.

    and for those of you who don't know, (I just found out today) they released a movie script that tied up loose ends from the last episode of season one! Just google "The Nine Lives of Chloe King: Salvation" I personally loved it even though it would have been way better as an actual movie but we should count ourselves lucky we got the script! IT'S SO GOOD GO CHECK IT OUT

  9. Alex ends up with Chloe it was an unaired show Brian doesn't actually die he ends up in a coma

  10. I loved the part where Alec was like I think we are going to be very good friends and where he put his hand in her stomach so she couldn't move lol

  11. i miss this show! i know there's a petition trying to bring it back…

  12. Elizabeth Lowe

    what is this show called

  13. Can anyone recommend shows similar to this for me?

  14. Rebecca Marquy

    I miss this show! ): you know whats the episode that he says "i can help you relax"?

  15. This is why I never trust ABC. They cancel everything. They just cancelled The Lying Game too.And even if they wanted to continue it they killed practically everybody off to make sure it couldn't continue. /: miss this show so so much 🙁

  16. I was so mad when they canceled this. Like it was my favorite show along with Awkward. -.-

  17. I hope they will have this show come on again. On abc family I love this show.1,000x.

  18. It's been 4yrs since I finish the season and I wish they never canceled it….

  19. i still miss this show too. 

  20. i miss this show so much!!!!!! number four is my favorite!

  21. He loves her so much, I hated how Chloe couldn't make up her mind. I miss this show so much 🙁

  22. Jordin Goodwin

    its been 3 years and yet i still miss this show so much. They should start it up again or make a movie out of it.

  23. I think they should have ended up together

  24. Jenna Meindertsma

    LOL "yep turned out I'm a pretty good kisser"
    love Alek!!

  25. what episode do they first kiss in

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