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7 People Kissed Naruto Before Hinata

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  1. Lol. I really thought Karin and Naruto kissed. 😂
    I like when Tsunade kissed Naruto.

  2. Cpr is not a kiss

  3. Im here to how many boyfriend or girlfriend that Naruto will have.

  4. Well fuukas was kinda rapey

  5. the cpr scene doesn't really count as a kiss, does it?

  6. yup Naruto kissed Hinata before he kissed Hinata 10/10

  7. That one with Sasuke during the original was probably the only canon kiss Naruto had. And no, The Last isn't canon, it wasn't writen by Kishimoto, it's a SP movie.

  8. Hello There Chim Chim

    clicked on here to see naruto and sasuke's first kiss lol

  9. Naruto and sasuke got wet after kissing…

  10. Faze GhostOfficial

    7 was when sakura was giving him cpr

  11. Nessrine Anime Girl

    The first kisse hhhh

  12. Nessrine Anime Girl

    Hhhh wow

  13. 6 people no 7.. 7 is Hinata ^^

  14. Fuck the clickbaits

  15. Damn Naruto such a player

  16. But only Hinata got the D😂😂

  17. TBH when she's pumping Naruto's heart and kissing. It more looks sexual than she actually pumping is heart don't get me wrong or anything but…….

  18. Hanif Hafifi Hassan

    i think the real kiss is with hinata


  20. Miguel Angel Rangel

    Does cpr count as a kiss?

  21. I was thinking of saske when I read the tittle

  22. It seed 7 peapol who kissed Naruto befot Hinata not 6

  23. That was 6 ppl before hinata

  24. You missed the one in the classroom with sasuke lol

  25. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLFTne7d_ajaaQyEzL0Or0A?disable_polymer=true
    im samar aliraqi this is my personal chanel if you like it subscribe it .. thank you 🙂

  26. Sarada: mom who was your first kiss?
    Sakura: um………Naruto..
    Sarada:😨😨 da..dad!! Who was your first kiss?!
    Sasuke:well naruto…
    Sarada: Why does lord hokage get a kisses!?!

  27. 2:21 how he give it to him though 😂

  28. Cpr or to save his life or on accident doesn't count

  29. That's the reason why they called naruto the 7th hokage duh XD

  30. Sasuke?

  31. 7 people naruto kissed before hinata…
    Top 1: Hinata

  32. 8 was the best


  34. I wouldnt call Tsunade a kiss.

  35. Sakura is massaging his nuts while kissing him…that's a good bitch that knows how to please a man. Next is a handjob and kissing.

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