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7 Major Mistakes You’ll Make On Your First Kiss


“7 Major Mistakes You’ll Make On Your First Kiss”

A first kiss can be exciting, but also a little awkward. Cheyenne is here to talk about some mistakes you might make on your first kiss (and also why you shouldn’t stress out about making a mistake!).

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Hey guys, today Elijah and I decided to give you guys our tips and advice ...


  1. my first kiss was actually really good and nothing really akward happend 😊

  2. I had my first kiss yesterday 😂

  3. Thanks I can practice.

  4. you can watch this videos and kinda learn but it all depends on your partner

  5. Keisha The devil

    I plan on kissing "that guy" before the summer comes
    I was gonna do it today but I didn't have the strength
    I… I don't know I like him
    We don't talk
    That guy isn't even around
    So I did a test
    And it says he likes me I'm not sure but I guess I can just assume
    I'm nervous
    I like the guy his name almost always pops out of my mouth and is almost always in my head
    Any advice?…… 0-0

  6. why am I watching this I'm single for 4 years!

  7. I'm 11, why the crap am I here? No ones going to kiss me at a young age XD. I feel like I'm the only one in my grade that actually wants to kiss already, anyone feel me?…

  8. omg lol this vid I love this girl 😂

  9. why is the female version of the grandpa from up teaching us this

  10. The irony or this video: Harry Styles doll and mby Zayn Malik doll kissing each other and the real fact is harry has louis lmao 😂

  11. datingbueaty#1 #princess


  12. as a bisexual I loved that there were both straight and gay couples

  13. Why am I watching this…..?
    My first kiss was nearly 2 years ago….I've kissed MANY times since then.

  14. I have never kissed anyone before but my sister has and she said that when u kiss for the first time u can't control ur saliva. Is that true?

  15. xXbacon fighterXx


  16. When you haven't been kissed 🙁

  17. my first kiss was perfect I'm so glad 😂

  18. Viona Evangeline

    when the name alex pops up I think of It'sAlexClark(an animator on youtube)

  19. This girl looks like skrillex's twin sister. Lmfao

  20. Winter The Blue Dolphin

    What am I doing with my life…

  21. Peach Mango Rainbow 887

    Hey my lips are tired can I rest it on yours 👄

  22. Peach Mango Rainbow 887

    When I kissed my crush I thought it was a second but it was 10 minutes 😘

  23. Ahh… The 16 year olds saying they haven't kissed yet… I'm 25 and I've never kissed if it makes you feel better… Not me though…

  24. So me and this girl have been flirting for a A while now and we finally kissed and she is my first kiss, wow it feels amazing!!!

  25. I had my first kiss today I kissed my crush and now we're dating… I AM GAY ACCEPT ME

  26. What the f**k are you doing with your lips?? I'm a little helpless. Are you sucking or do you just lay them on the other lips or I don't know … can someone with more experience help me?😅😅

  27. lmao my first kiss was a full on french kiss with my friend bc of truth or dare and she said i was actually pretty good

  28. Lmao im just an ugly fuck who is 14 and STILL HASNT GOTTEN MY FIRST KISS
    Ugh ive just given up

  29. I love how they use all different types of couples; very open minded.

  30. Why I am I watching this😂 I've had my first kiss

  31. She reminds me of a female version on Kian Lawley

  32. you're funny in your videos but if I ever see you in real life I would stab you in your throat for all those cheesy jokes and cringe


  34. Lolly Fraser-King

    I didn't make any of these mistakes so I wouldn't worry x

  35. I can't breathe through my nose cause it's perminantly stuffed up on account of allergies… CRAP!

  36. jesus my everything

    she is so funny lol.

  37. Well I won't be making any of these mistakes

  38. * quietly study's for my first kiss *

  39. omfg the same sex kisses i'm crying that's beautiful

  40. zag de

  41. 10,000 subs with no videos??

    I will die a virgin.

  42. This was recommended for me. why does YouTube taunt me because they know I'm unloved??!!

  43. i actually really want to kiss someone right now.

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