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6 Signs She Wants You to Kiss Her!

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  1. Thanks bro, just got that kiss

  2. Jose is really helping me(especially since I'm a frickin Jay-Z lookin ass nigga)

  3. I smash a with these tips

  4. onemorecerveza jr

    Thanks dude 😂 how did I end up here

  5. 0:29 "look at her nose"
    nose long like garden hose

  6. OMG I'm a girl

  7. If I get 5 likes I’ll ask out my crush


    My sister kissed me ..shall i do same?😊

  9. Were can u get that gum

  10. kylebucketts210 CREATOR

    Every girl in my school give me eye contact maybe i should move😏 in……………….

    Into.the dms

  11. well, fuck😂

  12. He is talking about gum and he thinks about condom. 😀

  13. Dis girl at school keeps hugging me every day, and says she loves me, wants me, but… I don't know how to do this i am young.

  14. I've had that gum before, it's great.

  15. Bru a 14 year old likes me but I am 11 years old

  16. So I'm dating someone and another girl does all those signs

  17. This is way to complicated..

  18. “No one wants to kiss Sandpaper”😂😂😂😂😂

  19. I was at an amusement park with my friend when we were walking around she randomly ran up to me and hugged me and kissed me and said I love you idk what to think of this

  20. You know guys that felling when she is going for a kiss and she just goes get somthing

  21. Dude. have you heard of Australian kiss?" Am not makin' this up. What is it? Australian kiss is the same as French kiss but you do it Down Under.

  22. dude you helped alot she loved the kiss thx bro you are the best

  23. Jose the type of Zuniga to be sponsored by a gum company

  24. Faaaaak

  25. Why you keep on looking on the right side🤣

  26. someone stop the oder!!!! (OoO)/

  27. yup I think I should quit Roblox ohhhh fuck

  28. okay , reported , video is a fucking bait , theres no single one sign

  29. Just got slapped the shit out of me. Thanks

  30. bet those 1k likes was some rejection shit…

  31. man u are awesome

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