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5 Most Romantic Moments | Friends

5 Most Romantic Moments | Friends (Including: The One With The Prom Video & Ross & Rachel’s First Kiss)
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  1. Tiasha Bhattacharya

    there should have been the scene where chandler proposed monica

  2. prom one should be number 1

  3. mondler proposal is the best 💕

  4. Great choices, but what about when Rachel got off the plane?

  5. I think it should be
    #5 Mike proposes to Phoebe
    #4 Chandler proposes to Monica
    #3 Ross and Rachel's first kiss
    #2 Prom video and after
    #1 I got off the plane

  6. I want Chandler!!!

  7. برنامه هابازنمیشود

  8. Joey & Rachel was not call for there were no sexual Chemistry between them the writers just force it on us and it came across awkward. joey was the guy whos always hitting on all three girls (Monica Phoebe and Rachel) in a playful way and they always dismiss him like hes just joey that what he do and to see the writers for the show force Joey and Rachel storyline on us it was so awkward in so many ways

  9. Traveller Silvana

    Good choice. There should be more than five.


  11. Lucy McGraw-Pierson

    See? He's her lobster!!

  12. JOey couldn't stop looking when ross and rachel kissed that's gross and funny lol the look on his face!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. where's I got off the plane??

  14. Joey dating Rachael was god awful and a waste of time

  15. 1:20 Hahahahahahahahahaha

  16. HATED it when Joey dated Rachel!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. I want a special someone in my life.

  18. NO NO NO NO NO. It should be

    #5- Phoebe & Mike's wedding
    #4- Prom video & after
    #3- Ross & Rachel's first kiss
    #2- Monica & Chandler's proposal
    #1- I got off the plane

  19. Oh Joey and Rachel was just soooo wrong!!

  20. not enough monica/chandler

  21. Lobster episode was nice.

  22. can u remove this red box ??

  23. monica and chandlers proposal. just saying

  24. Jennifer Anniston is so damned hot. Brad Pitt must've been out of his mind. I mean it's not like Angelina is ugly, but it seemed like such a waste to throw away one beautiful lady for another.

  25. what is the thing that ross finds out? i forgot lel

  26. Dhanashree Lyra

    Rachel and Joey are so cute tho

  27. Dhanashree Lyra

    Rachel and Joey are so cute tho

  28. Giulia Brigenti


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