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  1. Kaan phad diye bhainchod ladkiyo ne…. RIP HEADPHONES

  2. that sad moment when your single😂😂😂

  3. The one_n only Johnny83

    that fat kid just want them to hurry up get it over with so he can go and eat

  4. Cute!!! Why not me??? I want someone to kiss!!! ( boy)

  5. Hafizuddin abd rahman

    great!!! this 12 years old couple are kissing and i'm 20 years old and still single..

  6. Mystically Mystical

    R.I.P headphone users

  7. i'm 11 when i Start to dating and kiss..

  8. I didn't know that hagrid came up with the title of the video

  9. ElEcTrO_- Gamer

    this YouTube needs to go to that school for spelling lessons

  10. Taylor Hiddleston


  11. I wish first kiss

  12. that was cute

  13. 12 yrs olds should concentrate on school not on dating and especially dating

  14. Rochelle Limjoco

    if i was their i will kick that fat kid

  15. Omg so cute ❤️❤️ I'm just sitting here wishing that actually happened to me😍😖

  16. Blonde Girl In Jeans 04

    good video

  17. lololoo

  18. British peeps. I swear dog.

  19. ariana fanatics

    the bot didnt seem happy

  20. the biggest sin here is the amount of spelling mistakes in the video title

  21. Looks like 12 YER OLLD wrote this title😂

  22. Simpsons Futurama

    "omg i need to capture this"

  23. JOLENE Angeles


  24. holy christ rip headphone users

  25. awww there so cuteeee
    but that fat kid killed it ;-;

  26. classic princess

    Oh! these 12 years olds are kissing and 17 years old me sitting here and watching them kissing and still dont have a boyfriend

  27. crystalhouse house

    don't show this on YouTube

  28. mothrr fucker teaching girls to cheat and becom whores.stop this shiiit

  29. Wtf they sooo small. I remember my self in 12 near the computer all the time 😏😂

  30. Blastpoint 101

    KISS for viewers

  31. Maxius Ninezero

    ive started meeting girls when i was 14 what is life

  32. Why is this a thing

  33. braxton lombardi

    fat kid jealous

  34. Grammar please

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