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  1. Saito e deverás pegador

  2. Why te fucking music

  3. Melhor casal EVER!

  4. I love kisses😗😍😚💏💏💏💋👄❤💙💚💛💜💕

  5. Geometry Dash GDLenx

    I got spoiled :c fuuuuuuuuuuyuuck

  6. NYAMYT BR - #Youtubers League

    Theo kisses in Theo vídeo os from a 2° Seasons?

  7. Saito is so gross he always kiss any girls he's not that great why is so full of himself he should kiss only the girl that he likes….it's obvious that it's Louise…

  8. Jesus saito. JESUS. CHOOSE LOUISE OR JUMP OF A CLIFF OR SOMETHING. I know the get married but i like comments like that. XD also why is ge enjoying hia kiss with tiffania?? You little-😠

  9. Saito is savage

  10. 0:13 what episode

  11. Landline Landline

    For example of this would like me know

  12. Chatnarin Kawwmanee

    1:07 What Episode

  13. What episode and season is at 0:20

  14. Saito is such a cheater! He kisses a lot girls other than Louise! Even if girls just suddenly kissed him, there are some where he wants to kiss someone else, and when someone kisses him unexpectly, he accepts anyway!

  15. yukie and freinds

    Hes cheating on all of those girls

  16. saito..you hentai.

  17. Custom bricks 101

    You know you life is sad when you make a video like this. I mean I’m not complaining who the fuck said that

  18. The bets Kiss siesta

  19. Louise and saito got married in season 3

  20. Kenapa ya saito suka si rata ya padahal bnyk cewek lain enak dan nyeman di remas dari pada rata remas apanya sikit susu pun gk ada eeeeeee ……kalo aku jadi saito pilih tifa aya enak tu di remas besar

  21. 3:02 perfect, song matches perfect

  22. I feel so sick wathing this >:(

    I hate seeing Princess Henrietta and Siesta kissing Saito (im actually throwing up irl so now I need to clean my phone's screen

  23. When Saito kissed other girls that pissed me off a TON at both of them

  24. Saito you slut


  26. What episode was 0:12

  27. I hate when other girls kissing saito!!! I just want Louise and saito to be together!!! DAMN YOU SAITO WHY DO YOU ALLOW THEM ARE YOU STUPID?!! FUCK THOSE GIRLS SAITO IS FOR LOUISE AND LOUISE IS FOR SAITO!! GOT IT?!!

  28. Guys have season 5?

  29. Ninguém Importante

    Omg omg omg
    Got the biggest spoiler

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