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❥Dave and Aubrey [The first time] | Be your everything

Dave and Aubrey, couple from The First Time (2012 movie)
Dylan O’ Brien, I adore you, I love you omgomgomg
Song by Boys Like Girls:Be your everything.
•Video by CacaNarutoAvril(Alexandra Milanovic)

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  1. Jessica de Camargo

    Great video

  2. Dylan in this movie is just..

  3. En Komik Videolar


  4. Love it

  5. I like it

  6. I used to hate britt but after this movie I was like o my gerd pls be my friend I mostly watched this movie cause I have a huge celebrity crush on dylan obrien

  7. 🙂

  8. She is so lucky

  9. Melisa Navarrete


  10. mannonmission1

    so now I have watched this movie every day for the last week and I still figure to watch it again…. I even watched it in German…. I've been watching movies for a long time and I have never been addicted to one like this… I know everyone has their opinion and that's fine… for me this is the best movie I have ever watched…. the acting, the directing, the story, the lack of ugliness that pervades our society and most movies, everything was just right…. I don't watch movies to remind myself of how ugly things in the world can be…. I love this movie… thank you Jon and please make a sequel!! PS..Britt and Dylan are such great actors and I love them together!!

  11. mannonmission1

    this is a great video for this movie… I love the song you used because it fits so well… and you put it all together in a great way… I love this movie and I love Britt and Dylan together…… thanks for posting this

  12. great movie!

  13. Evelyn Cristhinie

    Dylan and Britt. ♡

  14. J'ai trop aimé le film 😉

  15. This was amazing!

  16. Cadence Diamondstep


  17. Kaykae Jahlynn

    where can i buy this movie?!?!?!?!

  18. That was amazing

  19. What song is this

  20. blondie hansen

    well done to you enjoyed great movie britt Dylan cute couple on and off screen

  21. samariisfantawesome

    Victoria justice!!!

  22. loved the movie and this vid

  23. just the best movie ever!!! I'm totally into it! watched it for the 1st time and now probably there are going to many more times!!!!!!!!!!!!! just love it!! plus its even better that they're datin in real life , Dylan and britt are gr8 together!

  24. Type it into YouTube. Someone literally posted the full movie. If you need help it's in my favorites

  25. This is absolutely the best video ever! I can't stop watching it. It is just perfect

  26. Galia Gutierrez

    Yup, I'm going to die alone ;-;

  27. Bryanna Aparicio

    Go to megashare for full movie

  28. Bryanna Aparicio

    Anyone who wants to watch any movie without download or an account go to megashare !

  29. Alexandra Milanovic

    you can download it, use freemake, youtube downloader or something similar 🙂

  30. Michelle Vlogs!

    This video can be Download?

  31. This is amazing!! thank you for making this!! ♥♥♥♥

  32. Alexandra Milanovic

    Name of the movie is written in the video description..THE FIRST TIME (2012)..
    I hate questions like this one..just read the description before u ask lol xD 😀

  33. Vivian Koryavykh

    What movie is this??

  34. their so cute together

  35. Alexandra Milanovic

    I've sent you the movie download link.

  36. Does anyone know where I can find this movie!?

  37. I love DYLAN O'Brien ❤❤❤❤

  38. Alexandra Milanovic

    thanks :))

  39. Alexandra Milanovic

    Sent :)!

  40. Elizabeth Patch

    could u send me the link as well? Absolutely love this movie! Awesome video by the way!

  41. This is one of my favorite love movie awh love is so badly

  42. This was so sweet! Dylan's my boyfriend

  43. Kealaula Ohara

    He looks tanned in this movie?


  45. Alexandra Milanovic

    Sure! 🙂

  46. Alexandra Milanovic

    Song by Boys Like Girls:Be your everything.
    I wrote it in the description…xD

  47. Song??

  48. DAAAMN! He's so fine. Great video! (Y)

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